How Leadership and Life Coaching Can Help YOU!

Life throws everyone curve balls that force us to make critical life changes.   As your coach, Dr. Jones will help you take an appreciative approach so that you can seize these moments as opportunities, so that you can pursue new life paths, tap into your creativity and talents and so that you optimize strategic choices.

Do you feel like you have lost your mojo?  That things just aren’t clicking for you in some area of your life or in your career?  Do you feel like you want to make a shift—big or small—and just don’t know how?

If this sounds like you, then you will want to work with Dr. Jones, “the mojo maven,” who has coached scores of individuals just like you, and has helped them to get their mojo back.  You can read some of the testimonials from people who have used Dr. Jones as a coach here.

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Wondering how a coach is different from a therapist or a mentor?

Coaching focuses on possibilities for tomorrow, not on yesterday’s mistakes. Coaching is above all a way of learning. It aims at transformation, driven by your own choices. Leadership and Life Coaching will help you look at the “big picture” in your life, on your job or both.   Read here about how Dr. Jones creates possibilities through coaching.

The focus of coaching is to help you identify your vision, long-term dreams and goals so that you can achieve your reflected best self.  With Dr. Jones as an accountability partner, you will develop the commitment and creativity you need to pursue your goals and dreams.  Central questions that she will help you to think about are:  What is your purpose? What are your intentions? How can you develop your creativity and flexibility in order to be the person you want to be? What strategies will you pursue?

Coaching can help you on your job.

Do you wish you had a confidential business partner that is looking out for your interests and who can help you become the leader that you wish to be?   Are you are in a big transition, such as:  a new job, a rapidly changing environment, have a new boss or a new board president, or think reorganization might be needed at your organization?  You can read about how Dr. Jones will “help you to reach new heights” in your life and your career here.

Dr. Jones, with her “real-world” experience as an executive in social service organizations will be the strategic thinking partner you are looking for; she will help you to navigate the challenges you face.   Dr. Jones has helped organizational leaders develop: the cultures that desire for their organizations, empowered management teams, and inspired visions for their

You can read some of the testimonials from organizational leaders who have used Dr. Jones as a coach here .

“My promise: I will be your strategic thinking partner helping you make important shifts in your life and work. Together we will develop goals and design action plans that will move you forward in new directions.” ~ Dr. Lynn K. Jones

There are a lot of coaches out there.  Why should I choose Dr. Jones?

Dr. Jones has a unique combination of experience, education and training that you won’t find with other coaches!  She is professionally trained as a social worker, with a masters in social work and a doctorate in social welfare.  Her doctoral dissertation was in organizational culture and she brings this specialized expertise to her coaching clients.  She has been responsible for the executive leadership of social service organizations for 25 years and has received numerous awards for creating empowered teams and high performing organizational cultures.  Her coaching clients benefit from her “real world experience.”

Dr. Jones is Certified as a Personal and Executive Coach and received her professional training from the College of Executive Coaching, where she is also on the faculty.  Dr. Jones is also certified in Appreciative Inquiry.  Dr. Jones builds on her professional training to deliver a coaching program that is grounded in the latest research on positivity, strengths-based approaches and changing mind-sets.

You can read more about Dr. Jones’ background here.

This is what Jonathan Lieber said about being coached by Dr. Lynn K. Jones:

“When my job was eliminated in mid-2008, I was not overly concerned initially. I had been through similar circumstances before, and I expected to find a new job before too long. When my period of unemployment extended well over a year, however, with every promising lead falling through, the stress and boredom began to take a heavy toll. Fortunately, I heard Dr. Lynn Jones speak at a job support group and agreed to be coached by Lynn. Dr. Jones’ coaching is based in science, not new-ageism or mysticism. It’s practical, easy to do, and frankly, it’s fun. It also works. I credit Lynn’s insight and guidance with helping me get back on the right path and allow me to be my best self through the job search process. I have no doubt her coaching greatly contributed to my ultimately landing a wonderful job and feeling like myself again. For those of you who are in need of a restoration of your spirit – recovering your mojo, as Lynn might say – I cannot recommend Dr. Jones’ coaching strongly enough. It might be the best tool you can acquire in your job-search toolkit.” ~ Jonathan Lieber

 How to Contact Dr. Lynn K. Jones

Lynn’s clients are located all over the globe. She connects with people over Skype or by phone for regular coaching sessions.

Face-to-face meetings can be arranged in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, and the Greater Los Angeles area.  Lynn loves to travel!  She will go anywhere you need her for your consulting and training needs!

If you would like to connect with Lynn for Life and Business Coaching, Mind Shift Consulting or arranging a Breakthrough Training or Retreat, or just to connect, please feel free to send her an email at or call her office at 805.448.7681.  You can also book a session at Lynn’s online calendar.