Truly, testimonials by real people are the way to find out the true value of a product.  Training is a sure-fire way to achieve measurable results in a team or organization. Some of Dr. Jones’ clients offer testimonials to show how she has helped them in making changes resulting in measurable results through training.  Dr. Lynn Jones offers training both individually as well as for larger groups and organizations.

“Dr. Lynn Jones was at the facilitated CAC’s Board Retreat and did an excellent job. Our Board is made of a very diverse individuals. The nature of the composition include elected officials, low-income people & business representatives. We are county-wide. This brings many different ideas and perspectives. Dr. Jones did an excellent job of setting an inclusive tone and ensuring that everyone participated. This is more difficult to do when the individuals do not come like-minded view points and experiences. It was a pleasure to plan the Retreat with Dr. Jones and she brought many ideas to have a successful outcome. I would ask her to do this again in a heartbeat! ”   — Testimonial by Fran Forman, Executive Director at CAC of Santa Barbara County.

“I had the pleasure of taking a course with Lynn Jones when I was in graduate school at Antioch University. Lynn’s educational and training style was distinct, powerful and what I gained from being her student will last my professional career. She is a natural born leader.

There is a saying that “those who cannot do, teach” Lynn PROVES THIS WRONG. She walks the talk, brings amazing professional perspective to her work and practices what she preaches. A lot of educators teach but never practice, I loved learning from Lynn because she really knew her profession.

I have tremendous respect for Lynn Jones and her training methods. Like Lynn, I am an educator, committed to my profession and have embraced the social web to share my expertise. I love having her as a colleague.

She is a wonderful wealth of information and anyone fortunate enough to have her as a coach or instructor will get their money’s worth and more!” — Testimonial by Lorrie Thomas, CEO Lorrie Thomas Web Marketing,

“Dr. Jones presented a training workshop at the 4C/SD conference on April 23, 2010 on the topic of developing a culture of positivity to improve productivity, personal satisfaction and reduce turnover in response to stress in the workplace. This was a timely topic, and the conference participants benefited from the information provided by Dr. Jones. I look forward to engaging in more training with her on this topic in the future.”  Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value

~Testimonial by Leslie Carr, Director of Professional Development at College of the Canyons

“I love your blog in addition to your phone life coaching sessions. They make me excited about living. You are a great Certified Life Coach. Your blog and articles give us so much food for thought AND ideas for action.” — Testimonial by PR Kanaan.