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The next course schedule starts in 2011 and we’re very excited for a new course in this! For notifications on the dates available, please sign up to our newsletter.

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Get Your MOJO! Teleclass

Enroll in a MOJO! Class…next course schedule starts in 2011 and we’re excited to tell you more about it!  Please sign up to our newsletter (Subscribe to our newsletter)  and we’ll keep you posted for dates and times!  Read our press release here.

If you want to get your MOJO, what’s most important?

1. Understanding and using your strengths?
2. Understanding how you are at your best?
3. Knowing your purpose?
4. All of the above.

(Hint: the answer is #4.)

You must understand your strengths * and how to put them to work, to actualize your Reflected Best Self*–your MOJO!

In the MOJO! Teleclass you will learn:

  • Your top 5 Strengths as a Leader
  • How to use your strengths to be your best
  • The keys to your Reflected Best Self
  • How to live your MOJO! Vision and Purpose
  • How to tell your MOJO! Story

Materials that you will use in the class include:

  • Strengths Based Leadership, Tom Rath and Barry Conchie (Includes the Strengths Leadership Inventory)*
  • Reflected Best Self, (An Appreciative Inquiry tool that will be used to collect feedback about when you are at your best, will support you writing your Reflected Best Self Portrait, Purpose and Vision)*

* Each participant will get the book Strengths Based Leadership, the Reflected Best Self assessment tool and a binder for the class with the additional $45 materials fee.

Get Your MOJO! Testimonials:

“Dr. Jones recently spoke to members of Santa Barbara Experience Unlimited.  Her presentation could not have been more timely for me during this period of career transition.  I have encountered many challenges trying to move my career and life forward.  Based on her presentation, I received a gut check that I was in a down spiral cycle of negativity.  I am trying as hard as I can to reverse those neural pathways she mentioned to start that spiral going back upward in an ascendency of Positivity.  Thank you Dr. Jones for your thoughtful presentation.”

Ryan Solomon, Santa Barbara”

★★★★★ Lynn K. Jones’ Mojo Class Review by Susan S.

I needed to look at myself outside of the box following what we now call the Great Recession layoff. I was desperate for insight because I hadn’t found a job in six months and had no self-esteem left. If anybody needed to get her mojo back, it was me.

1. We took a strengths assessment test devised and administered directly by the Gallup organization. As an amateur statistician, I know that means that the results can be greatly relied upon. When I got the results, I recognized my own strengths but I hadn’t organized them in my head that way before, the personal traits I knew I could rely on in myself. I felt validated.

When my friend took the test, he got strengths back which we didn’t recognize. I know he competes on tests to prove how smart he is. He forgot the part of himself which is hospitable, enthusiastic about shared projects, willing to volunteer, etc. He wasn’t thinking about his whole self. He just thought about his intellect. My advice to test takers is to think of their entire self individual, parent, sibling, child when you answer the questions. Then you will get more meaningful answers. The test asks the same questions using different words numerous times so try on your different selves when you answer to triangulate on your strengths in all your varied roles.

CONCRETE RESULT: I now have a personal inventory of my highest strengths with a whole book to explain the results. The book is included in the Mojo Class fees. My personal printed inventory of strengths continues to be a source of inspiration when my self-esteem threatens to deteriorate.

2. There was a lot of homework. I got a lot out of doing the assignments as requested because Lynn challenged us to do some tasks which I found emotionally aggressive. CONCRETE RESULT: I reaped the rewards of accepting the challenge. I got positive results (as Lynn assured me I would) and can take it to the bank.

3. Not everybody in our class thrived. Being a Mojo student is no different than being any other kind of a student if you don’t do the homework you cannot understand what the teacher talked about in theory in class.

CONCRETE RESULT: I verified that my learning skills were intact. I verified that the effort was worth the results.

3. The people in our telephone class applied their new knowledge in ways I could not have foreseen. I appreciated hearing their stories and watching them grow. We all stumbled speaking about ourselves in a positive way but that just proved how our common cultural norms prevented us from focusing on the whole self. CONCRETE RESULT: I have a new appreciation for positive articulateness and expect it from myself.

4. Lynn’s lectures were a highlight of the program. She’s a savvy teacher, very organized in her thoughts, simplifying concepts to make them understandable at any level. She speaks with lofty goals in mind. She was ambitious for us. She worked off-line with certain students to ensure that they got the most out of their experience. CONCRETE RESULT: My confidence in Lynn’s abilities are strong.

CONCLUSION: I highly recommend Lynn K. Jones Mojo class.

★★★★★ Lynn K. Jones’ Mojo Class Review by Brian H.

I took Dr. Jones’ Get Your Mojo 12-week tele-class, which was aimed at improving the students’ knowledge and understanding of their character strengths. At my age and educational level, I didn’t think I had much to learn about self-improvement ‘technology,’ but the class taught me that in fact I do. The length of the class enabled her to introduce us to a half-dozen easy-to-remember techniques for identifying our deep-seated skills and values, and to coach us in how to use the techniques to improve our effectiveness and pleasure in pretty much all our daily activities. I’m pretty skeptical of self-help platitudes, and I tend to pinch pennies, but I consider the money I paid for this coaching to be well-spent because almost a year later I remember and constantly use the basic tools she taught us. I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching.