Confession of a Bookaholic:  I’m going to admit a really deep, dark secret here.  Are you ready?  OK–here goes:  My #1 all-time, favoriteist activity is staying in bed with a cup of tea and a good book.  I love to read.  Especially, if it is raining!  Second to that is going to a library or perusing books on-line to find new and interesting research on my favorite topics!

So, I assume you have probably already figured out that I am an introvert. For all you Myers-Briggs lovers, an INTJ to be exact.  I thought that was something to be embarrassed about until I read that that is Barack Obama’s MBTI.  Now, I wear it like a badge!

I also got the courage to come out of the…um…book closet , when I found out that my #1 Strength is Learner.  That was liberating!  All those books, all marked up, tabbed and outlined, are a good thing.  They feed my best strength!

This website is all about using your strengths, after all.  So it makes sense to use my Learner strength to support you to Get Your MOJO! I have created this Leader’s Library to share some of the books from (one of my many) bookshelves.

Enjoy browsing.

I’d love to hear about any books you’re a fan of or if you found any of these of interest. If you have read any of these books and found it useful, I’d love to hear more about that.  Reviews of these library books will help me to know how they are best utilized to support others in goal achievement.  Please let us know if you have book suggestions to add to our shelves.

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