Dear friend,

Happy, happy birthday! We would like give you a little something to make your day more wonderful!

An essential component in that process is knowing your strengths and understanding how you can use them in your life and work.  The Gallup Poll has determined that the most successful people use their strengths every day on their jobs and in their lives.

Are you curious about your strengths?  If you are, the 1st step to putting your strengths to work is learning what they are! For FREE, I will send you the code to take the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment ($30 value).  After taking the StrengthsFinder you will get a report that details your top 5 Strengths and I’ll mail you the book for your library!

And, because I want you to start using your strengths, I am offering you a FREE, 1 hour phone coaching session ($220 value) to help you do that.

Get started on an exciting new journey to learn about your strengths and how to use them for FREE ($250 value).

Please choose from either of the gifts as listed below and let us know your selection. Happy Birthday!

Gift #1. A free StrengthsFinder Strengths Based Leadership 2.0 Assessment by Tom Rath helping you to uncover your own strengths. If you select the StrengthsFinder Leadership 2.0 Assessment, Dr. Jones offers you a no-fee one hour session to interpret the results as well. Please email us to let us know this is what you would like: ($24.95 value for the Assessment + $180 value for the Coaching Assessment.)

2. The 2nd selection is a NO FEE Half-Hour Coaching Session with Dr. Jones ($90 value), no assessment included but half-hour hour of invaluable life coaching at your convenience.

You may schedule your session now by clicking here and selecting the time best for you with our on-line calendar.


“As a coach, my passion is to help you reach new heights in your work and life.”–Dr. Lynn K. Jones