Food for thought: A Journal for Appreciating Daily Life

Introducing the first EVER Appreciative Journal, based on Appreciative Inquiry and the New Economic Foundation (NEF) 5 principles for well-being.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to cultivate more positivity in their life.

Give Food for Thought to someone you care about and you will give a gift of positivity that leads to lasting well-being.

Learn to live more appreciatively and think more positively.

Food for Thought guides you gently and clearly through the principles of appreciative living, with tips from experienced journalers along with ideas and exercises to help get started.

Noticing the good things in your day has the power to transform the way you think and see the world.

This technique is used in the US army, social service programs, and large and small organizations because of its potential to change thinking, support well-being and improve resilience.

With the inspirational quotes, advice, ideas in Food for Thought you will get noticing, get creative, and find your appreciative streak. And once you start noticing the good things, you’ll be amazed by how quickly it turns into a habit!

For some great journaling tips check out my blog on How to Journal For Success!

What People Are Saying about the Food for Thought Journal:

anne-paul-king“I have been using your “Food for Thought” journal as part of my observance
for Lent. You may know that Lent is a time for Christians to take an
inventory of our lives and make changes that help us to more closely connect
with God. In other words, it is a time to find and practice ways to do
right by our neighbors, friends, family and community. Again, the exercises
in this book are immediately transformative. Amazing” ~Anne Paul King, Director of Major and Planned Giving at Ventura College Foundation

“This journal is deceptively simple… a few questions, some guidelines and a little background. Yet as it becomes a living document, it becomes a profound piece of learning.” ~Anne Radford , Editor of AI Practitioner

“I can think of no more powerful activity for changing your life for the better, than to spend a little time each day with this appreciative journal, finding what’s right in your life. This deceptively simple and enjoyable process will transform your life in many ways you can’t begin to imagine.” ~Jackie Kelm, author of Appreciative Living

“After today I’ll make time for a reflective journal. I’ve had many diaries, but most are full of dates of meetings or tasks to carry out. This realization came from the reflective mode the workshop allowed. Discussions with other members of the group were like a voice of reason without being judgmental or negative. This was helpful, as I can be a little negative myself, highlighting the flaws or risks involved in my plan.” ~Michelle, a participant on one of a Positive Transitions course