Being a life coach enables me to help you make simple steps at changing measurable results in your life.  Through one on one coaching, group training or via my on-line teleclass, we can quickly assess how to grab hold of the strengths which might be lying dormant and get them put to good use!

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Get Your MOJO! Teleclass:

Q:           What will I learn in the Get Your MOJO! teleclass?


1.       You will learn what your top 5 strengths are and how to use them.

2.       You will be coached to collect targeted feedback about how you are at your best.

3.       Using this feedback in the context of your strengths, you will develop your Reflected Best Self Portrait, your unique portrait of you at your best.

4.       You will develop a vision for an aspect of your life or job that will be a road map for your future.

5.       Using that vision, you will be coached on developing an action plan for achieving it.

6.       You will also learn and practice essential skills that you need to achieve a vision, including developing emotionally intelligence, developing your listening skills and telling your story.

Q:            How does the teleclass actually work?

A:            Our class is low-tech.  If you know how to use a phone, you are all set!  You will be given a phone number for a dedicated conference line that you can call into.  Everyone will be on the call together.  You will get all the information before and after the call on email.  You can call in from wherever you are and from any phone.  No internet connection or logging on to websites is required!

Q:           What does my fee for materials cover?

A:            Your $45 material fee covers the Gallup poll StrengthsFinder Assessment and one of the Strengths books issued by the Gallup Poll.  You will also get the Reflected Best Self Workbook and Assessment and  a notebook with handouts and other information about the class.

If you already have one of the Strengths books or have taken the Strengthsfinder assessment and have your top 5 strengths, $30.00 can be waived from your materials fee.  Talk to Lynn about that by emailing her at

Q:           What if I have to miss a class?

A:            There is a strong likelihood that over the course of 12 weeks that there may be a circumstance where you may have to miss a class.  If that occurs, please let Lynn know 24 hours in advance.  All of the classes are recorded and you will be sent a MP3 file of the class that you can listen to later on your computer in your iPod.

Q:           What does it mean that this teleclass is a group coaching teleclass?

A:            The number of participants enrolled in this class are kept low so that everyone can participate in the class.  The maximum number for the class is 12-15.  I see my role in this class as coach more than I do an instructor.   We will have a lot of discussion with each other in these classes about the work that we are doing.  If I am doing my job, I will not being doing all the talking, but will be asking questions that help you think through the work you are doing.

Q: How much work is this class?

A: Each week you will be “in class” on the phone for an hour.  You will also have structured homework assignments to do each week.  With any activity like this, you get out of it what you put into it, and there probably is almost no limit to how much time you could spend on the homework.  However, most people report that they spend about an hour a week on the homework.

Many of the assignments are assignments that require thinking on your part.  For that reason, the most efficient and effective way to do the assignments is to start them early in the week so that you can be thinking about them as the week goes by.

Q: How does this class make me feel empowered and invigorated?

A: This class is guaranteed to make you feel empowered and invigorated.  We make this claim because research shows that simply by focusing on your strengths (which we do) and  by getting the feedback about when you are at your best increases your  positivity ratio, which does have the effect of making people feel empowered and invigorated.  And research shows more than that:  you will also have a broader view of the opportunities available to you along with more ideas of how to build on them!

Q: What if I don’t like the class or find that I just can’t manage it?

A: If you find that the class is not for you, you have the option of dropping out in the first 15 days and we will return all of your money, except the cost of the materials.  We do request that you not make this decision until you have tried 2 weeks.  After the 2nd week, you should start feeling the impact of working with your top 5 strengths and you should start to feel the effects of the upward spiral of empowerment.


Dr. Lynn K. Jones is a Certified Personal and Executive Coach based in Santa Barbara, California and a sought after coach and consultant for organizations and individuals across the US.   Her doctoral work completed at the Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University concerned organizational culture; she coaches, consults and trains organizations on what they need to do to create organizational cultures that are aligned with their vision and values using a process of Appreciative Inquiry.  She coaches individual on achieving their reflected best selves.  An MSW@USC faculty member, Dr. Lynn K. Jones, MSW, DSW, CSWM, teaches Human Behavior and Social Environment.