“When I started a social media action group, I chose Dr. Lynn K. Jones to help me form it. She’d helped me to artic­u­late my goals and aims with this group. She became the co-founder. Her qui­etly strong lead­er­ship tal­ents and pos­i­tive atti­tude are great assets in our group. She brings neat orga­ni­za­tional skills to keep us on track and nicely acknowl­edges us,  she demon­strat­es the value of her phi­los­o­phy helping us to find our strong points and max­i­miz­e our use of them.”  – Calla Gold, www.callagoldjewelry.com

“Lynn has an amaz­ing abil­ity to inspire and bring out the best in people. She helps them to cre­ate their own solu­tions and imple­ment them in a way that cre­ates mean­ing­ful and last­ing change. People who work with Lynn take own­er­ship over their posi­tions and are empow­ered to make inno­v­a­tive change. In many ways, she “works her­self out of a job” by cre­at­ing that next level of man­age­ment.” – Cas­san­dra Loch, Pres­i­dent & Chief Exec­u­tive Offi­cer, PROTOTYPES, Cen­ters for Inno­va­tion in Health, Men­tal Health and Social Services, www.prototypes.org

“I had the honor of work­ing with Dr. Lynn K. Jones when she worked as a sub­ject mat­ter expert (SME) in devel­op­ing sev­eral master’s and doc­toral level human ser­vices and pub­lic health courses at Capella Uni­ver­sity. Her exem­plary lead­er­ship and col­lab­o­ra­tive skills enabled us to work in an idea-generating envi­ron­ment whereby a very strong, com­pre­hen­sive, cre­ative, and competency-based course was devel­oped for Capella learn­ers. I found Dr. Jones to knowl­edge­able in her areas of exper­tise, as well as in addi­tion to being con­fi­dent, focused, and results-oriented. She is a total plea­sure to work with and I look for­ward to col­lab­o­rat­ing with Dr. Jones in the near future. She is an asset to any team or orga­ni­za­tion for which she leads or col­lab­o­rates.” – Chris­tine Yates, Instruc­tional Designer/Course Devel­oper, Capella University, www.capella.edu