“Fight On!” USC Trojan Marching Band Director Shows You How

“Fight On!” USC Trojan Marching Band Director Shows You How“When you are passionate about something you do, why put an end to it?” ~ Dr. Arthur C. Bartner, USC Trojan Marching Band Director

“I know that voice!” No surprise there, the raspy roar that Dr. Arthur C. Bartner croaks out over his rock-n-roll sound system is definitely like no other. “Fight On!” USC Trojan Marching Band Director Shows You How”I’m probably more of a nuisance than the band to this campus because I get excited.’ Does he ever! You really will be laughing-out-loud when you watch this short video of Bartner and see first-hand the energy with which he charges across the field shouting, “Get ‘em excited! Get ‘em excited! GET ‘EM EXCITED!!”

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The Art of Playing

Working is an essential part of life, but dreading Monday mornings or a time clock is not. How much of our creative process at work relies on our ability to make sure we have play time? Most of it! Making sure to balance play or even integrating play into our work enables higher productivity and better results.

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Give yourself a Break Today

If you’re feeling tired, and we’re still in the first quarter of the year, take a break. Kick your feet up, doodle, do a cross word puzzle. When your brain gets to take a few minutes off, you will find you’re repaid with more energy and the inspiration to create more than if you were to push yourself to keep doing more.

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