Use Passion to Fuel Your Next Act

“Passion is the first and most essential ingredient for planning and beginning a business or for starting and completing any worthwhile project.”  ~ Martha Stewart   Tweet

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Featured Get Your MoJo! Guest Blogger: Barbara Kline,Serial Entrepreneur

Barbara Kline, a self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur,” is our featured Get Your MoJo! guest blogger this week. Kline has been at the forefront of developing six start-ups, including the Breakthru Center, which has a mission to “demystify the process of growing a start-up into a sustainable company through the process of second stage growth.”

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“Fight On!” USC Trojan Marching Band Director Shows You How

“Fight On!” USC Trojan Marching Band Director Shows You How“When you are passionate about something you do, why put an end to it?” ~ Dr. Arthur C. Bartner, USC Trojan Marching Band Director

“I know that voice!” No surprise there, the raspy roar that Dr. Arthur C. Bartner croaks out over his rock-n-roll sound system is definitely like no other. “Fight On!” USC Trojan Marching Band Director Shows You How”I’m probably more of a nuisance than the band to this campus because I get excited.’ Does he ever! You really will be laughing-out-loud when you watch this short video of Bartner and see first-hand the energy with which he charges across the field shouting, “Get ‘em excited! Get ‘em excited! GET ‘EM EXCITED!!”

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