Creating a Healthy Environment at Work

“When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.” ~Betty Bender Creating a Healthy Environment at Work I have come to learn from coaching executives and managers both one-on-one and in teams that a healthy work environment can make all the difference.  So, how do you create a healthy work…

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10 Success Strategies for Managers

Barbara Kline, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of the Breakthru Center for entrepreneurs interviewed me on her radio show about the 10 Success Strategies for Managers. The 10 Success Strategies for Managers that we discuss in the interview are:

Zip Your Lips
Give It Away
Meet, Meet, Meet
Ask, Don’t Tell
Don’t Let ‘Em Push Your Buttons
Love ‘Em or They’ll Leave Ya
Context is King
Attitude of Gratitude
Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time
Take a Break Today and Do More With Less

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Ellen Langer, PhD: Priestess of Possibility

“Not only do we as individuals get locked into single-minded views, but we also reinforce these views for each other until the culture itself suffers the same mindlessness.” ~ Ellen Langer, PhD I am a big fan of Ellen Langer. I call her the “Priestess of Possibility.” Since I call myself an “Agent of Possibility” that is close to being God in my book. I revere her because she lives by never accepting “No” for an answer. When she hears, “No,” she asks, “Why not.”

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Finding Happiness Isn’t the Answer, Finding Meaning Is

Finding Happiness Isn’t the Answer, Finding Meaning Is
You may think that you “just want to be happy.” But, it turns out, that’s not enough.

It is not surprising that you would think you would just want to be happy because “happiness is like the holy grail” according to Sonja Lyubomirsky, a professor of psychology at UC Riverside and author of The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want. “People around the world want it. If you ask people what they want for their children, they’ll say for them to be happy. It’s in our Declaration of Independence. It matters to and affects everyone.”

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“Fight On!” USC Trojan Marching Band Director Shows You How

“Fight On!” USC Trojan Marching Band Director Shows You How“When you are passionate about something you do, why put an end to it?” ~ Dr. Arthur C. Bartner, USC Trojan Marching Band Director

“I know that voice!” No surprise there, the raspy roar that Dr. Arthur C. Bartner croaks out over his rock-n-roll sound system is definitely like no other. “Fight On!” USC Trojan Marching Band Director Shows You How”I’m probably more of a nuisance than the band to this campus because I get excited.’ Does he ever! You really will be laughing-out-loud when you watch this short video of Bartner and see first-hand the energy with which he charges across the field shouting, “Get ‘em excited! Get ‘em excited! GET ‘EM EXCITED!!”

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People Experts Who Can’t Deal With People

Linus explained, “I love mankind; it’s people I can’t stand.” He might have been speaking for many non-profit executives. According to a study of some 3,000 nonprofits reported in the New York Times, most nonprofit executives rank human resources the most challenging and least satisfying part of their jobs. These executives are experts in the problems of people, but they find dealing with the people in their own organizations “depleting.”

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Why SHOULD You Focus on the Positive?

It is true, that not everything we give attention to is important, but ahem… I’m not going to go into that here. But what is also true, is that we can give our attention to things that we want to be more important. That is why the WWW list developed by Martin Seligman may be so useful in helping you to develop more positivity in your life.

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