Executive Coaching Secrets for Productivity

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”~Aristotle Executive Coaching Secrets for Productivity In my 25 years of leadership experience and working with executives as an Appreciative Coach, I have noticed that there are a few distinct things that make the most successful executives stand out from the…

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10 Success Strategies for Managers

Barbara Kline, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of the Breakthru Center for entrepreneurs interviewed me on her radio show about the 10 Success Strategies for Managers. The 10 Success Strategies for Managers that we discuss in the interview are:

Zip Your Lips
Give It Away
Meet, Meet, Meet
Ask, Don’t Tell
Don’t Let ‘Em Push Your Buttons
Love ‘Em or They’ll Leave Ya
Context is King
Attitude of Gratitude
Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time
Take a Break Today and Do More With Less

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Are Leaders Who Lead with Positivity Pollyannas?

“Every exemplary leader that I have met, has what seems to be an unwarranted degree of optimism – and that helps generate the energy and commitment necessary to achieve results.” ~Warren Bennis

This was a question that a group of thoughtful and reflective nonprofit leaders grappled with at the first “Courageous Conversations Alumni Forum” of the Courage to Lead training program for nonprofit leaders. I was honored to facilitate what was indeed a “courageous conversation.” Sigrid Wright, an executive with the Santa Barbara nonprofit, Community Environmental Council (CEC), wrote her reflections of that day, which are reprinted here with her permission and with the permission of Courage to Lead. — Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Certified Personal and Executive Coach

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“Fight On!” USC Trojan Marching Band Director Shows You How

“Fight On!” USC Trojan Marching Band Director Shows You How“When you are passionate about something you do, why put an end to it?” ~ Dr. Arthur C. Bartner, USC Trojan Marching Band Director

“I know that voice!” No surprise there, the raspy roar that Dr. Arthur C. Bartner croaks out over his rock-n-roll sound system is definitely like no other. “Fight On!” USC Trojan Marching Band Director Shows You How”I’m probably more of a nuisance than the band to this campus because I get excited.’ Does he ever! You really will be laughing-out-loud when you watch this short video of Bartner and see first-hand the energy with which he charges across the field shouting, “Get ‘em excited! Get ‘em excited! GET ‘EM EXCITED!!”

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Executive Transitions and Succession Planning…Oh, My!

One board member of one of the larger nonprofits said that his organization had had 3 executive transitions in the last 10 years and expected more in the next couple. A foundation board member who was part of the discussion pointed out that when they see this kind of transition in a nonprofit that his foundation doesn’t want to fund that organization. In addition, they directly ask if the nonprofit has a succession plan. And if they don’t? That is a thumbs down for giving them a grant. So, in addition to being bad board oversight and negligent management, not having an executive transition and succession plan may be costing the nonprofit important funding dollars.

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