Assessments are a quick, easy way to jumpstart your coaching process.  Ken Blanchard, one of the great management experts of all time thinks so too:

[Tweet “”Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” ~Ken Blanchard”]

Assessments fuel our coaching sessions with feedback that gives us critical information about your natural temperament style, your strengths, and leadership skills. We use that data to think together about how you and/or your team can move forward in achieving your goals by leveraging your unique assets and talents.

Dr. Jones is an expert in working with the assessments she uses. She has trained hundreds of coaches in how to use assessments and has successfully used them with hundreds of clients, both in organizations and individually.

richard-sink“Feedback is important and necessary to guide my work. I have struggled with how to more effectively connect and collaborate with my clients. The assessments that Dr. Jones advised me to take and the review of the findings made an immediate impact on the quality of my relational skills. We only know what we know, and these assessments enabled me to go deeper into my understanding of what is and what isn’t working and why.”

~Richard Sink, CEO, Critical Connections

What Assessments Can Do For You

StrengthsFinder 2.0

Understand your Strengths and develop a world-class version of yourself. By understanding your strengths–what you do well, what energizes and excites you—you can design a life that leverages what you do well and what others value about you. Take the StrengthsFinder 2.0 for free. Start the conversation about your top 5 strengths with a coaching session, now.

Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI)

Understand your personality Temperament Preferences and live a life closer to your heart’s desire. Your personality style influences your behavior, choices and interactions with others. Understanding your style increases self-awareness, helps you learn and grow, and more effectively manage stress. Take the Meyers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and improve your relationships and satisfaction in all areas of life.

EQi 2.0

Understand your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and maximize your potential and ability. Because our emotional brain responds more quickly than the thinking brain, the more you understand and better manage your emotions, the savvier you will be in your interpersonal relationships. You will learn how to boost your willpower and focus by limiting the onslaught of distractions that we all face every day in our fast paced worlds. Take the EQ 2.0 and learn how to manage yourself more mindfully.

CPI 260, EQi 360, LPI, Reflected Best Self

Sharpen your Leadership Skills and make a difference. Developing your skills in communication, negotiation, managing conflict, making decisions, managing stress, prioritizing and time management, will support you in being self-confident and effective. Take the CPI 260, EQi 360, or the Reflected Best Self to get feedback about how others sees you that will be individualized to support you in making changes that have been shown by research to support the best leaders.

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