Collaboration is Key to Empowerment.

Recently, I was part of a dynamic team of life and executive coaches who came together for the day to bring coaching to The International Womens Festival in Santa Barbara.

As four experienced life coaches, we shared our experience with the community that came together for this event.  Our goal was to develop awareness about how coaching can help people create the kinds of lives and careers that they want in their lives.

We had materials at our booth about our coaching practices, we talked to many people over the course of the day and a half, and we gave away speed coaching sessions to people that signed up for them.  At some points in the day all four of us were speed coaching different people at the same time!

Being part of this team has me thinking about the value of collaboration, which gives us the chance to join other “drops” in an expansive ocean of unlimited opportunities.  Our group chose to collaborate rather than view one another as competitors, knowing that collectively we could offer more than any one of us could individually, about the value that coaching could bring to our community.

If you’re experiencing times when a group effort is getting bogged down with personal conflict or competitive agendas, redirect the group to look at the big picture.  When people can rally around an organizing philosophy, a commitment to a similar mission or a greater purpose, overcoming conflicts all of sudden gets a lot easier. For us, our passion for coaching and how we can help others was what drew us together.  With that in mind, any differences that we might have had fell away in service to doing something larger than ourselves.

Have you experienced times when subscribing to a greater purpose helped the individuals of a group achieve something bigger than they originally imagined?

p.s. I always am interested in what you think about these discussions. Please post your thoughts on the blog…your constructive criticism and support is appreciated!


Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Certified Personal and Executive Coach

Your Mojo Maven


  1. Calla Gold on April 7, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    What a great lesson to learn, and the perfect quote to go with it! Collaboration is key to empowerment, two or three or four heads are better than one, and working together just makes us stronger!

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