Day 5 Goods for a Cause: Hello Rewind

Day 5 Goods for a Cause: Hello Rewind

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In my work as a social worker and a business coach I support leaders to run organizations that make a difference in the world.   In this season of giving, you can support one of the featured organizations in its  effort to do good works.

Each organization has fair-trade certification or has otherwise established that it pays its artisans a living wage.  Its products meets Western standards of taste and quality.  Many of the organizations were founded by women.

Do you have an old tee that’s in a state no longer appropriate for public viewing? Whether it’s that funky Hendrix tee that has  more holes that a slice of Swiss, or a tee you’ve been hanging onto since you 20-year old was a wee tot, Hello Rewind can upcycle that old love into a handy new laptop sleeve. An operation focused on promoting two-fold renewal – not only will you recycle old goods into new, but you’ll help support a mission to give sex-trafficking survivors a better future.

The Hello Rewind mission is to create renewal in the world, by recycling unused material back into everyday use and by helping sex trafficking survivors achieve economic freedom.

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Dr. Lynn K. Jones
, Certified Personal and Executive Coach

Dr. Lynn K. Jones is a Certified Personal and Executive Coach.  Her doctoral work completed at the Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University concerned organizational culture; she coaches, consults and trains organizations on what they need to do to create organizational cultures that are aligned with their vision and values.

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