Day 13 Goods for a Cause: Better World Books

Day 13 Goods for a Cause: Better World Books

Day 13 Goods for a Cause: Better World Books

They call themselves the “On Line Bookstore with a Soul.”  Better World Books believes that  “most every book has lasting value and the potential to help change the world.”  They  find new homes for unwanted books.

Thus far, they’ve donated over 5 million books to partner programs around the world. Their primary literacy partners are Books for Africa, Room to Read, Worldfund, the National Center for Family Literacy, and Invisible Children.

There is a green ribbon across the top of the website for Better World Books that is a virtual ticker-tape for funds raised for literacy & libraries and books reused or recycled.  I found myself mesmerized by the rapidly escalating numbers.  In the few moments I watched the cents clinked up and the books recycled mounted up a few more.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love books and am a big reader.  I watch Booknotes on CSpan on Weekends and the Arts and Books section is the first section I read in the LA Times.  And yes, I am a big Amazon shopper and Kindle girl.  So, I was surprised to stumble on Better World Books where your purchases are shipped free in the US, yep, free! and every purchase raises money for literacy.   In the time that it takes you to read this blog approximately $2.50 will have been raised.  Now, how cools is that?

But can you find what you are looking for?  I could.  I searched for my dad, Weyman Jones and all his mysteries/thrillers came right up!  Even the one that just came out last month, Messages.

In addition to selling new titles, Better World Books supports book drives and collects used books and textbooks through a network of over 1,800 college campuses and partnerships with over 2,000 libraries nationwide. So far, the company has converted more than 53 million books into over $8.6 million in funding for literacy and education. In the process, they’ve also diverted more than 26,000 tons of books from landfills.

I’m impressed.  It’s Better World Books for me from now on.  Find Better World Books on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Kymberly on December 14, 2010 at 10:25 pm

    Hi Lynn: Like you, I LOVE to read, and I love learning about ways to spread the joy of books. How do you find all these great causes and sites? Thank you for sharing! I am going to hop over to Better World Books now. Ok, not right now as I first want to peruse your site some more!

    • lynnkjones on December 14, 2010 at 10:33 pm

      Hi Kymberly, Glad to be spreading some joy! Books and giving back seems like the ultimate win-win to me! Have fun at Better World Books!

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