“I believe every one has an important role to play.  I am doing what I love most: Helping people to be the best they can be, to change their lives and the world.”  


  • "I never could have done it without you-THANK YOU!!!"

    Coaching Client who landed her Dream job

  • “Lynn’s exemplary leadership and collaborative skills enabled us to create an idea-generating environment.”

    Christine Yates, Instructional Designer, Course Developer, Capella University www.capella.edu

  • "Lynn embodies all the qualities you could possibly want in a coach:  thoughtful, good listener, clear communicator."

    Deb­o­rah Gal­lant, Owner of Bold Busi­ness Works -  www.boldbusinessworks.com

  • “Lynn has an amazing ability to inspire and bring out the best in people.”

    Cassandra Loch, President and CEO, PROTOTYPES www.prototypes.org

  • “Lynn is able to tackle complicated subjects in a simple manner while giving in-depth and real world advice.”

    Shersy Benson, COO, Self Enquiry Life Fellowship www.swamahiman.org

  • “It was a pleasure to plan our Board Retreat with Dr. Jones. I would ask her to do this again in a heartbeat!”

    Fran Forman, Executive Director at CAC of Santa Barbara County

  • “Dr. Jones provided some great insights and also helped me put together a plan that is already showing results."

    Barbara Kline, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO and Founder of the Breakthru Center  http://www.breakthrucenter.com/

  • “Dr. Jones is nothing short of exceptional when it comes to serious career advice and coaching.”

    Brady Knight, Associate at the BizWorld Foundation, http://bizworld.org

  • Lynn inspired and motivated me to have the self-confidence and courage to achieve long overdue career changes.

    Kim Bierwolf www.astepatatimekb.com

  • “Lynn is an excellent listener and advisor who is extremely passionate about guiding others to their full potential.”

    Allison (Sunny) Griffin

  • "I love your phone life coaching sessions. They make me excited about living. You give us so much food for thought AND ideas for action."

    PR Kanaan

  • “Thanks for helping me to define, create and implement my business vision for my new coaching business!”

    Talia Ziv, Ph.D. www.drtaliaziv.com

  • “Coaching with Dr. Lynn Jones was transformative. I gained personal insights and inner strength.”

    Luann Rocha, Social Entrepreneur

  • Dr. Jones’ coaching is based in science--not new-ageism or mysticism--it works!

    Jonathan Lieber, Landed his Dream Job

  • “Anyone fortunate enough to have Lynn as a coach or instructor will get their money's worth and more!"

    Lorrie Thomas, CEO Lorrie Thomas Web Marketing, www.lorriethomas.com

Life and Business Coaching

A Certified Executive, Personal and Business Coach, I am your Mojo Maven. (Board Certified Coach BCC #1487) As your thinking partner, I will help you strategize about how you can be your reflected best in your work and your life. My expertise as an Executive and Business Coach allows me to partner with you to help you achieve more. Want to see if coaching is for you? Schedule a complimentary session today.

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As a Certified Personal and Executive Coach, Dr. Lynn K. Jones will custom design a breakthrough training session or retreat to meet your organizational needs. Learn more about the trainings and retreats that Dr. Lynn Jones has been offering groups and organizations. Hear what her clients are saying.

Mind Shift Consulting

Dr. Lynn K. Jones' special expertise is in business management and coaching within the realm of organizational culture. She wrote a whole doctoral dissertation on it and with over 25 years of leadership experience in organizations she knows her stuff. She can diagnose your culture, understand the mindsets that are getting in your way and help you make important mind shifts. Schedule a free Exploratory Mind Shift Consulting Session with Lynn.

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